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Pay Per Click vs. Organic

Pay Per Click vs. Organic


Pay-Per-Click (PPC) or an Organic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) strategy? Which is Right For My Business?

The honest answer is, “Probably both.”

Both play an important part of your business’ future. Your company’s goals will determine what avenue is best for you.

  • Are you selling a new product or service?

  • Do you need today traffic/business or are you looking to produce sustainable traffic?

  • Is there a great deal of education involved in purchasing your product or service?

  • Is there a significant barrier to entry for your product?

  • Are you well-known in your industry?

These are just a few of the questions you need to answer before deciding on PPC or SEO.  Let’s look at the difference between PPC and SEO.


SEO is about more than optimizing your website and content to rank higher in organic search results for targeted keywords. It’s also about being an authority on the problem at hand and the solution you provide. The major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing are not only looking at how people interact with your site, if they come back, and if other sites are linking to your website These and a couple hundred other factors are used to determine your ranking.


PPC (Pay Per Click), on the other hand, is all about renting advertising space for specific targeted keywords on search results pages. But make no mistake, there is a great deal of search engine optimization when creating a paid ad campaign. Search engines are qualifying the information on your site with the info in your ad to provide their user with the best possible experience.


Your long-term web marketing strategy should definately include search engine optimization. The major advantage of organic SEO is that statistically speaking, it brings you better quality traffic leads. Many users have subconsciously trained themselves to ignore “paid results” entirely, moving to the highest rankings when searching the Internet or especially on Google. Data suggests “Organic Search” visitors to your website are far more likely to trust you, your business, and your products & services. Ranking high with Google for a keyword or phrase is a clear sign that you are a credible source and that you are an important player in your industry. Over the long run, organic SEO will pay huge dividends. Organic SEO isn’t free,no matter how you look at it. Your time, an outside vendor to manage your SEO strategy, and the fact that time contributes to the overall cost.

So Is PPC Worth the Money?

Don’t shrug off PPC.There are quite a few advantages to PPC over organic searches.  PPC is an effective way to generate quick traffic to your site. If you set up your campaign correctly, you can see significant returns on your investment. The search engine’s number one priority is to return the BEST results for the user doing the search, not the company paying for ads.If Google always put the highest bidder on top, but the ad didn’t offer a solution to the problem the user was searching, that user would start using another search engine. Google didn’t get to be the most used search engine by always displaying the highest bidder.

Another advantage to PPC is the ability to advertise on other sites that have a significant amount of traffic that fit your buyer personas. If a user sees your ad on a search (and does nothing), but then later that day is reading their favorite blog and sees your ad again on the sidebar of that blog… you are getting the added value of the first impression.


In response to my original question of ” PPC or SEO for my business?”, my answer is still the same: It depends.

Pay-Per-Click is a great way to jump-start your business’ digital marketing efforts with immediate traffic. To get the most out of PPC, it is wise to take the time to get the right training and certifications. Google offers this training in their certification process for both Google Adwords and Google Analytics, which is free for all businesses. If you don’t have time or resources for this, it’s important to hire someone with the experience and training in PPC. Just remember, when you turn off PPC, the traffic goes away too, it is only rented.

Search Engine Optimization is highly important and does take some time to build page authority and be indexed for the right search terms. Also, unless you treat this as a long term strategy you should count on many fluctuations in your rankings.  You never know when one of your competitors is going to step up their game and become an authority in your industry.

Do not be discouraged, because a long-term SEO strategy is going to bring you the most qualified leads. Additionally, your SEO efforts (improving page content, back linking, titles, meta descriptions, etc.) will directly help your PPC results as well.

When done correctly, both PPC and organic SEO can get you on the front page of the search engines for targeted terms.

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