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What is and Why is Paid Advertising Important in Marketing?

Paid advertising is any advertising that you have to pay for, versus OrganicSEO.

With paid advertising, you pay the platform that is selling ad space (Google, Facebook, Instagram, etc.). The price for ads are set through a bidding process. There are several categories, including pay-per-click (PPC), pay-per-impression (PPI), and display ads.

Your marketing strategy should include some form of paid advertising. Organic SEO  costs less and provides a greater ROI over time but paid advertising is effective for getting your products to a large audience quickly.

There are several different categories of paid ads, PayPerClick/Call (PPC), PayPer Impression (PPI/PPM) and display ads.  Your strategy should include a mix of them.  Quality keyword research is very efficient in turning prospects into highly qualified leads. The cost for these clicks can be relatively expensive but they are often well worth the cost. The ROI on PPC is almost instantly calculable and easily monitored.

The growing user base of social media platforms has recently turned sites such as Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest into marketing gold. The ability to drill down to specific niche markets so it has become easier to market to exactly the potential buyer you are trying to reach.