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Improving Your Google Ads Optimization Score

Improving Your Google Ads Optimization Score

Google has recently released a new set of best practices. This is to help Google Ads users improve their optimization score.

Optimization score is a metric introduced to show how well your Google Ads campaign is optimized.

The score ranges from 0 to 100, with 100 being the best. The higher your score, the better your account is set up to perform at its highest potential.

Your optimization score is found in the ‘Recommendations’ section in Google Ads. It looks like the example in the sidebar.

Recently, Google offered the following 3 best practices for maximizing your optimization score.

Account Management Efficiency

Google Ads accounts can be managed more efficiently by prioritizing the highest potential activities to improve optimization score.

Google Ads makes this easier by recommending the best optimizations for an account.

Optimization score uses historical performance, auction simulations, and now even, machine learning to make recommendations.

Recommendations that support business goals

Google recommends checking their recommendations regularly. Google Ads are providing updates regularly with new recommendations based on real-time data.

Weekly checks are highly recommended.

Focus on suggestions for score uplift and dismiss those not aligned with your goals.

Analyze recommendations on your own terms

Users have the ability to filter recommendations by 4 sections:

  • Ads & extensions
  • Bids & budgets
  • Keywords & targeting
  • Repairs

These are also available for offline analysis.

The Optimization score currently evaluates how well Search campaigns are set up. Future views will also include display, video, shopping, and app campaigns.

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