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So, you can’t optimize for authority. If you can’t optimize for it, why are we even talking about it? Because if you got it, you should leverage it. 

We worked with a client with over thirty branches and they were trying to fight two much larger competitors , one of which actually had a PageRank of 5. 

They were trying to beat websites and domains that were much younger than them. They had their domain for about 10, 11 years, which allowed it to earn a lot of authority over time. The people that they were trying to beat were 1-2 PageRanks below them, which means they could leverage their PageRank. So if you’ve got it, use it, use it against the competition, because we did and they wound up outranking their competition for about 60% of similar terms. 

If you have a domain/website that you feel is underperforming, let us help.  We can increase your page rank, drive customers to your site and help you make your website work for you. 

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